Monday, March 7, 2011

30 - Storm Watching

Storm watching, something I've always wanted to try. Especially living in the great British Columbia, we are known for the incredible smashing wave storm out in the westcoast namely, Tofino. Storm watching season is from November to March with peak months during December to February.  It's also a great short getaway from all the hustle and bustle from the everyday life in the city.

I find it super romantic and relaxing, just sitting in front of your hotel porch watching the waves crashing to the side of the mountains while enjoying a hot chocolate., that's the life!

Here's a couple of links for great storm watching areas:


Storm Watching in Pacific Rim, Tofino

One of the greatest thing about living on the West Coast of BC is that you are truly exposed to all the natural beauty of green rolling hills, mountains and beaches.  The stuff that you normally read about in books, poetry and watch on films.  During the winter months, between Oct - Feb, besides for the world class ski hills, you can also visit Tofino for stormwatching during its storm season brought over from the Gulf of Alaska.

Nestle in the remote part of Vancouver Island, 3 hours drive away is Tofino, a beautiful town along the Pacific Rim where you'll find miles and miles of sandy beaches known as Long Beach.  It's nature at its purest, freshair, beautiful blue sky, sandy beaches and splashing waves along the shores as you dine in one of Tofino's world class resorts.

We caught the stormwatch season at its tail end at the beautiful Cox Bay Beach Resort.  It's a beautiful place with a dedicated stormwatch tree house fully furnished with a lounge like atmosphere so that we can play chess as you look out onto the shore.  Definitely a must have on your adventure list.  - Lisa N.


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