Monday, October 28, 2013

35 - Pass out Candies

Halloween is fast approaching and what do you guys have planned? Light up some fireworks with friends/family, go to a haunted house or out to a Halloween costume party?  If you still haven't planned anything yet, why not stay home and hand out candies to all the kids in the neighborhood?! Wouldn't it be fun to watch all the little kiddies dressed up in their little costumes!!! That's our plan for this year and I can't wait to see all the little ghosts & goblins.  It definitely brings back childhood memories - TRICK OR TREAT!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

34 - Listen to the Rain

Living in Vancouver, I often hear people talking about the weather. It's too hot, it's too cold and it's too wet! What if we just enjoy the moment and the four seasons we're given here? I mean, we can't change mother nature :)

Listening to the rain is actually quite calming, soothing in fact. The sound of the rain drops especially when its raining really hard with lightning is even better. I can sit here all morning, watch out my window with my cup of tea and watch this amazing water fall.  It also gives you time to think and for that - I love Raincouver!

Monday, October 7, 2013

33 - Cooking at Home

I'm no chef, trust me when I say this! but being home all the time really gets boring so I have to think of creative ways to entertain myself.  So I have decided to cook! yes, just as simple as that, twice a week - that's what I told my husband.  First thing first - Look for some simple easy recipe online and start from there, don't over whelm yourself and start making a gourmet dinner and the whole nine yard! It doesn't (totally) matter how the food turns out, as long as it's edible -"Trial & errors!!"
And to make things a little more fun, I blast up the music, make myself a fruit juice, have the tv on, and I start cooking!  Oh, and the best part of home cooking is, if you don't like carrots - Don't add carrots and replace it with whatever you

 Here's one super easy, and super yummy recipe that will be the talk of the town during the holiday seasons.

Candid Yams Recipe

  • 3 pounds sweet potatoes or yams
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 sticks sweet butter, cubed

Peel potatoes and cut into 2-inch cubes. Place potatoes in large pot, cover with sugar, brown sugar and butter cook over medium heat until potatoes are fork tender (about 20 minutes) but not mushy. Serve and enjoy this sweetness of heaven!!

Hope you guys find it fun cooking by yourself as much as I do!!  If you know of any great simple recipe, please do share w me!

Recipe credit: The Food Network

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

32 - When in doubt, follow your passion...

So what exactly happened to me the last 2 years. Well, there's a little thing call life and it goes like this...

I met a guy at work, we dated, we moved in together for a year and things are FABULOUS! we got engaged, and got married. But wait....we also bought a house 10 days after we got married and realized we're expecting TWINS, yes twin runs in my family gene. Woooohoo!!! now, I'm taking some time off work, best resting the last 2months of my first trimester -BRUTAL.
Laying here, thinking to myself, I can't sit here all day!!! I started asking myself some really important questions. What are my passion, what do I love doing & what did I use to love doing before all this craziness (happy craziness). I needed an out. An outlet for me to release all these emotion and energy that I have inside. Something that allow me to do this while nesting at home with my babies. And now I'm back to my blog and will pick up reading too :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

31 - Work in a Different City

Have you ever thought about working in a different city? Wouldn't it be nice just to indulged in the culture, languages and their way of life is a totally different country? Choosing to work abroad is an option you can use to not only take different steps to your career, but also to expand your personal horizons of culture and enviroment. You can teach English in Japan, work on a cruiseship or even somewhere in Europe.  I obviously never have lived anywhere else in the world, but if I get a chance, I would totally jump for it!

Here's an experience from a friend who have travelled/lived and worked around the world, he's worked in London, New York, and next stop...Asia maybe?


I think when you move out of your own city, you really get to learn more about your self. The difference of environment will extract your true personality on a daily base. Our behavior is largely shape by the environment we live in and how long we stay in that environment. That sudden change of environment will deconstruct your personality and reconstruct back. The core of you won't change, but I can definitely feel the difference. It will make you feel like you are a teenager again, everything is new, and you can't wait to see what's next and you can feel you are adding extra dimensions to who you are.

It's very exciting to experience the new worlds, but it does come at a cost, like it's a challenge to keep friends with you, because people keep moving in big city, it's a challenge to have a relationship because of long distance; and to save money, because you're paying rent and not a mortgage :) But to me, its all worth it. I always think there are things you can only do when you still "young" and not settle down. You can always get marry, buy a house, "settle" later in life, but reverse may not be true. I think the ultimate reward is when you finally get back to Vancouver, or meet will appreciate everything even more, because you have lost and gain so much. - TK

Monday, March 7, 2011

30 - Storm Watching

Storm watching, something I've always wanted to try. Especially living in the great British Columbia, we are known for the incredible smashing wave storm out in the westcoast namely, Tofino. Storm watching season is from November to March with peak months during December to February.  It's also a great short getaway from all the hustle and bustle from the everyday life in the city.

I find it super romantic and relaxing, just sitting in front of your hotel porch watching the waves crashing to the side of the mountains while enjoying a hot chocolate., that's the life!

Here's a couple of links for great storm watching areas:


Storm Watching in Pacific Rim, Tofino

One of the greatest thing about living on the West Coast of BC is that you are truly exposed to all the natural beauty of green rolling hills, mountains and beaches.  The stuff that you normally read about in books, poetry and watch on films.  During the winter months, between Oct - Feb, besides for the world class ski hills, you can also visit Tofino for stormwatching during its storm season brought over from the Gulf of Alaska.

Nestle in the remote part of Vancouver Island, 3 hours drive away is Tofino, a beautiful town along the Pacific Rim where you'll find miles and miles of sandy beaches known as Long Beach.  It's nature at its purest, freshair, beautiful blue sky, sandy beaches and splashing waves along the shores as you dine in one of Tofino's world class resorts.

We caught the stormwatch season at its tail end at the beautiful Cox Bay Beach Resort.  It's a beautiful place with a dedicated stormwatch tree house fully furnished with a lounge like atmosphere so that we can play chess as you look out onto the shore.  Definitely a must have on your adventure list.  - Lisa N.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

29 - Laugh at Your Own Jokes

OMG - I'm known for laughing at my own's HILARIOUS!! I laugh so hard, my friends start laughing with me - laughing is contagious! There's time when I sit by myself and all of a sudden I'd start laughing! it's because I'm still thinking about what I said 5days ago!! hahahha....I'm kind of a dork that way, but it keeps me HAPPY.  Life's too short to take things too seriously, you gotta laugh at yourself sometime!

and to all my friends who thinks I'm silly - ADMIT IT, you thought it was funny too!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

28 - Disney On Ice

If you can't make it to Disneyland this year, take the kids to Disney on Ice.  Spend the day with Mickey, Minnie and all your favorite Disney characters. Arrive early, as your favorite Disney characters will be there to greet you.  Enjoy an ice cold snow cone while taking photos with them. Remember to layer yourself or wear a thick jacket, cause it can get a bit chilly in the ice rink. 

Other than that, sit back and enjoy the show and watch your kid's face lit up. It's such a special treat for the whole family!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

27 - Learn a New Word

dis·com·bob·u·lat·ed, dis·com·bob·u·lat·ing, dis·com·bob·u·lates
To throw into a state of confusion.

That's pretty much how I felt when I first heard this word - lol
Challenge yourself to learn a new word once a week and use it in your daily life.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

26 - Horseback Riding

Whether you're a beginner like me or a trained professional - horseback riding is for everyone and every age group.  You can go on a scenic route, a tour guide that takes you along the endless ocean or racing down the tracks.

Something about horses, it brings out the nature is me; they're so peaceful and beautiful. It's definitely something you should do with a group of friends or by yourself.

My first riding experience was intense - I got a super hyper horse that likes to do her own thing. (Kinda like Anyhow, that first riding experience didn't last too long for me cause I couldn't control her.  Having said that, I am to attemp my second try, maybe this time with a proper tour guide along an endless ocean.