Tuesday, October 1, 2013

32 - When in doubt, follow your passion...

So what exactly happened to me the last 2 years. Well, there's a little thing call life and it goes like this...

I met a guy at work, we dated, we moved in together for a year and things are FABULOUS! we got engaged, and got married. But wait....we also bought a house 10 days after we got married and realized we're expecting TWINS, yes twin runs in my family gene. Woooohoo!!! now, I'm taking some time off work, best resting the last 2months of my first trimester -BRUTAL.
Laying here, thinking to myself, I can't sit here all day!!! I started asking myself some really important questions. What are my passion, what do I love doing & what did I use to love doing before all this craziness (happy craziness). I needed an out. An outlet for me to release all these emotion and energy that I have inside. Something that allow me to do this while nesting at home with my babies. And now I'm back to my blog and will pick up reading too :)


  1. I noticed you've been off the grid for a while. Welcome back. Things haven't changed that much for many of us, but I see that's not the case with you!

    Congrats! How exciting for your and your husband.

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Read/Write/Run, still trying to get the hang of blogging again. You will surely see me more often from now on, I have committed myself in writing at least once a week!!
    Looking forward to all your post as well.