Friday, February 4, 2011

17 - Leave a Sticky Note

Have you ever wake up in the morning finding a sticky note on the washroom mirror saying...”You are beautiful" ?
LOL, not that I have either, but wouldn’t it be “NICE” if you did? A small gesture like that put a HUGE smile on someone's face!!  Or knowing someone you love or care about feeling grateful for you just because  you are. Heck, leave me a note, I'll be soo HAPPY! :)
Valentine Day's coming around – leave a sticky note and tell them how much you care! Little goes a looong way!


  1. Ive never woken up and found a sticky note saying that :( but it would be great :)

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  2. strange..posted a comment here a few days ago but it never show up.

    I didn't get a posted note either...but it would be great if you left one for someone!! I did it for my gf and it put a big silly smile on her face and in turn, it made me smile. :D