Thursday, February 17, 2011

24 - Make a List of Gratitude

Make a list of all the things you're grateful for...being aware of your surrounding and just be happy where you are and who you are...cause you're perfect just the way you are.

Here's my top 10 gratitude list:

1. My mom is always and forever be my number 1 person I'm grateful for. She's the most giving, caring, loving and the strongest person I know.  There's so much to say about her, I think I need to start a new blog just about her!! So she's most definitely is my number 1.

2. My running buddies - Mayling, Mike, Trevor and Denis, without them I will not be training for my first full marathon

3. My 3 BESTEST girlfriends in the whole wide world - Shannon, Eileen and Yen whom I've known over 20 something years. They're like my sisters I've always dreamed of...

4. Hearing my nephew laugh - cutest little baby boy ever!

5. Loving my job - it's really not work when you love what you do.

6. Being in FABULOUS health, to be able to walk, drive, run, climb..

7. Living in the most beautiful city in the world!! Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world and I'm not just saying that. Everytime I rollerblade or run the seawall, I feel like the luckiest girl cuz we're in such a BEAUTIFUL city...with all the mountains, water and people..

8. My car is paid off and I did it all on my own. Yay, nomore car payments for now

9. Bought my first condo last year - all on my own again.  You really appreciate your belongings when you work hard for it and pay for it yourself and for that, I'm very grateful.

10. My life - everything is perfect and is exactly where it should be, I am following my bliss...

Here's a video I would like to share with you, enjoy.


  1. i totally agree! i think i might start a list of my own :)

  2. Awesome gratitude list! My running memories with you have been and continue to be unforgettable! =D

  3. blogger103 - I think you totally should, puts you in a totally different mindset!

    and yes May, we have the best time running. Yay, for my first half today!! So proud of myself and couldn't have done it without you :D