Sunday, February 6, 2011

18 - Take A Break

Seriously, take a break! People are asking why I'm not updating my blog on the weekends and I'm telling them, "I'm taking a break and you should too." Just relax and enjoy your weekend...easier said than done.

All too often we're on the go, whether from picking kids up to and from school, meeting clients, working and getting things done around the house. Don't you find there's always 100 things on the list you need to tackle? First off...BREATH. Inhale...then exhale for about 3mins. Turn all your electronics off; that's including your tv, blackberry, iPhone, laptop..and yes, all your electronic devices. Go do something relaxing for you! Go enjoy the day with your dog, read a book, or a close friend.

Heck, if I'm gonna take the day off, I'm spending it shopping with my gfs and transferring all my calls to my partner! Infact, I have already schedule my shopping time with my gfs in the state, now you go set some time off for yourself.

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